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The novel has a mythic, fairy-tale quality, though much of it is set against a backdrop of political unrest and violence that closely resembles the realities of several South American nations.

On the page before the story begins, Allende includes this quote from A Thousand and One Tales of the Arabian Nights (a classic collection of Arabian folktales written over several centuries): "Then he said to Scheherazade: ‘Sister, for the sake of Allah, tell us a story that will help pass the night….’" Like Scheherazade, Eva Luna uses her storytelling ability to help her survive a succession of hardships, and she eventually makes her living as a writer.

Readers should be advised that some scenes in Eva Luna are sexual in nature, and there are references to violence in both the story of the South American guerrilla fighters and the story of Lukas Carlé, the abusive father of Rolf Carlé.

In the end, however, Eva Luna is an uplifting tale that celebrates the redemptive powers of both love and the imagination.

Isabel's mother, Francisca, took her to live with her grandparents in Chile.

The transformative power of words and stories is one of the major themes of the novel.