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We will be destroying every major market in Texas, New Mexico and stopping in Louisiana, so come out and slam some beers with us in the pit!

" 2/25 - Houston, TX @ The White Swan 2/26 - San Antonio, TX @ The Korova 2/27 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Theo's 2/28 - Shreveport, LA @ H&H Lounge 2/29 - Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar 3/2 - El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall 3/3 - Roswell, NM @ The Unity Center 3/4 - Albuquerque, NM @ The Co-op 3/5 - Abilene, TX @ The Solution 3/6 - Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West SHATTERED SUN's recently released Victory Records debut, Hope Within Hatred, is available now in-stores, online at i Tunes, Amazon Music, FYE, Hastings, and wherever digital music is sold.

When the question and answer session was over, Max made his way into the audience, he spoke to and took pictures with every single person in the entire building, including me( see below) He did not rush anyone he patiently stood and engaged in conversation with all of the teens, that adore him, perhaps the next generation of the tribe.

In fact by the time Max actually began to make his way out, the chairs were literally being folded up and put away, the stage set was being torn down, the hall was slowly emptying out completely.

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Ironkill was quoted as saying” Court approached us at our weekly practice and told us that Max Cavalera would be playing the opening night of the pudding competition and needed a band.

There was even a mosh pit right in the middle of the center.

Alice himself, broke away from the Motley Crue tour, to be on hand to kick off the evening by further defining the vision he and his wife Sheryl have for their faith based organization citing that their primary mission is to make an everlasting difference in the lives of teens by helping them meet the spiritual, economical, physical, and social needs of at-risk teens (we believe all teens are at risk) in the community by offering a safe, engaging environment during non-school hours a time when they are most vulnerable to drugs, violence, and gangs.

He's a guy that's well respected amongst our peers and loved by his friends and band mates.

It was an obvious choice to get him for the record and upcoming tour," said lead guitarist Reece Scruggs of his new bandmate.

Court Stumpf just happens to be the guitarist of the band Co-op headed by Alice’s son Dash Cooper.