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Tickets to Springsteen on Broadway (Springsteen is seen above on stage at the Walter Kerr Theater on the opening night on October 12) are being sold for 14 times their original price on secondary markets It does not however surpass the highest secondary ticket price every recorded.In 2016, a pair of Hamilton tickets were sold for ,000 each on Stub Hub and others were being sold on Ticket Master for ,174.The show, which opened to rave reviews last week at New York's Walter Kerr Theater, is sold out on Broadway's official ticket-selling service where tickets were originally listed for between 0 and 5 each.As is the norm with big-name acts, a wave were bought by secondary handlers and are now being sold for 14 times their original price.While the Saturdays singer has reaffirmed multiple times that there is nothing romantic going on between the pair, speaking ahead of the second round of routines, Tess branded the couple's dance "the romantic waltz", while her co-host Claudia Winkleman said: "Now I think we're all agreed it's time to talk about the elephant in the room."But viewers of the BBC dancing show were not happy with the comments and taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Tess (or, at least, her script) is really pushing the Mollie / AJ ship hard, isn't she? If they’re dating let them it’s got nothing to do with the public. #Strictly— paige ♡ (@honestjandy) December 9, 2017Another added: "Stop bringing up Mollie and AJ. Let them do what they want behind closed doors as long as they come out and dance."Poor Mollie has been subject to constant rumours about her love life and whether she is dating AJ, with even presenter Claudia telling the pair that they would "all like it" if the couple kissed." while someone else said: "The wee jibes that Mollie and AJ are getting are all a bit childish. "They're all shouting 'kiss'," she said on a previous show.

The show opened to rave reviews last week and attracted a crowd of stars on its opening night.

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'It's not a concert; not a typical one-man-show; certainly not a Broadway musical,' noted one review in Rolling Stone.

It is now clear how much he himself will make from the show and how much will go to the theater after staff and crew are paid.When Hamilton introduced to Broadway last April, it broke the record for the most expensive original ticket price with the best seats being sold for 3.