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So I decided to test those waters, '' Okay, so I haven't been able to have an orgasm with Dion for a very long time, and it seems that he just wants me to bend over and take what he gives me.'' I told her, I watched her as I spoke, her face didn't change at all. It's actually pretty rude to ask, considering that they only want anal because it's tighter.'' I wanted to be repulsed by the conversation I was having with her, but I found myself gathering information like a squirrel gathering nuts. But that'll be our little secret.'' she said.'' Sure it's a new feeling for us too, but you either love it or hate it. I've known some women to enjoy it, they would tell me that it's better if a guy shoots his load because there's no pregnancy. She looked at me with her loving eyes and reached out, placing a hand on my shoulder, '' So you and Dion, if it's not fun then it's over.It had been like this the last couple of times, little by little it was getting stale.'' Baby,'' I started, '' Hold on, I'm guna shoot.'' he replied quickly.I'm pretty sure Dion and I just broke up and I can't for the life of me get Dana on Skype to chat about it.'' '' You can talk to me about it,'' she suggested.I knew that all women reach a point in their lives when they realise that their true best friend is their mother, and I was beginning to think that this was that time for me. '' Wow,'' was the first thing that came into my head and it came out of my mouth just as fast. She took a slight inhale and then exhaled, '' Jenna, baby, he won't be the last that asks you for that. You're father is actually the one who doesn't like it, he had a bad experience with a woman before I came along.They obviously didn't trust me enough to leave me home alone for a week, and whatever it was that was happening in Costa Rica was clearly more important than anything else, so I knew I was defeated. But something was different, I wasn't even close to climaxing, and I knew that when he start going hard and fast, he was reaching his end.We'd been coming to this spot for a while, and usually by now I'd have been all over this car, my breasts would have been exposed and my legs in the air, but he was about to shoot his load and I was actually pretty relieved for it to be over.

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I couldn't wait to get into the shower and shave, it had been a few days too long in my opinion. '' '' I know that, but you don't finish work until five.And right there and then he pulled out of me and fired his stream of cum all over my ass.