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The stories range from Lucy being with Natsu to her being with Loke, Laxus, Gray, Rogue, Sting, Jellal, Gajeel, Rufus, Freed, Hibiki, and so many more! When a video is leaked out of Lucy Heartfilia doing something scandalous, her reputation is ruined and she becomes the local school whore.

*In all genres and ratings*Natsu has been having dreams. The worst thing is what if Sting is the reason he's missing.

He stared up at the sky from his window and back down at the letter. Feeling a little betrayed and lonely, Lucy returns home to deal with her problem alone.

He would finally see her again, and with his last breath he kissed the world goodbye. Four surprising visitors arrive and ask her a simple request so that they can return back to their home.

If you want to become apart of staff you are always welcomed! When he breaks and no one can find him Lucy's heart sinks.

[Recap: VOLUME 1 - Lucy goes on a dangerous undercover solo mission at the Grand Magic Games.

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Lucy'll soon find that her family's empire and the world around her isn't as safely ordinary as she once believed. Lucy is a new transfer student and is branded as a loner. Laxus is now Master of the Fairy Tail guild and has teenage twins, however when the dark guild called Crime Spree threatens the past can his children stop them or will all of Fiore pay the price.

Previous to the Grand Magic Games, Lucy's abilities are changed by the Infinity Clock. What happens when Gray is dared to date her, only to break her heart. Can the past Fairy Tail members like Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Thunder Legion, and others help them stop this evil guild?

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Whether you like electrifying La Lu or passionate team work of Na Lu. All her friends are gone, and who does she have to turn to other than the very same boy she hated? Lucy races against time to complete the challenges of a mysterious enemy determined to destroy Lucy and Natsu.Na Lu Freshman year at Magnolia University has finally ended, and Juvia, Erza, Levy, and Lucy plan to celebrate with a vacation. Who knew that in 7 years time, these familiar men would become so handsome? Being Unwanted is an equally terrifying and horrible feeling. Lucy is ignored by Fairy Tail and doesn't know why, however a certain dragon slayer comes to her side.