Cyber chat no reg

14-Nov-2017 00:03

Only tell people things if it wouldn't embarrass you if other people found out about them.

Posting false and malicious things about people on the internet can be classed as harassment.

Flaming – This is when someone is purposely using really extreme and offensive language and getting into online arguments and fights.

They do this to cause reactions and enjoy the fact it causes someone to get distressed.

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We have had many complaints from young people that new "friends" online have tried to pressure them into taking their clothes off and filming or taking images of themselves.

You can report incidents by clicking the red button on the top right hand corner of the CEOP website.

If you can't print out the threats use the "print screen" button or snipping tool to take a snapshot of the computer screen and then save that somewhere safe.

Or if you have a phone or tablet, use the screenshot function and keep these images safe.

Outing and Trickery – This is when someone may share personal information about another or trick someone into revealing secrets and forward it to others.

They may also do this with private images and videos too.

Impersonation – This is when someone will hack into someone’s email or social networking account and use the person's online identity to send or post vicious or embarrassing material to/about others.