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“He proved himself to be just a fine photojournalist, and the kind of guy who [when he] was on his way home from work and heard about something breaking, he would just turn around and go do it,” said WDBJ general manager Jeffrey Marks in the stations on-air remembrance of Ward and Parker. Photos on his Facebook page show him proposing to her in Washington, D. Ward, a proud alum of Virginia Tech, was engaged to Melissa Ott, a morning producer at WDBJ. “My grief is unbearable,” her father Andy Parker told the Washington Her father told the Post that while Parker was ambitious about journalism, she never tried to get into dangerous situations.“Some journalists want to be right out there covering ISIL. “She was not keen on jumping into a middle of a firefight someplace.” Parker was dating WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst, and the two had moved in together and were planning to get married. Parker worked frequently with Ward, 27, a cameraman whom colleagues described as fun-loving and reliable. A third shooting victim, Vicki Gardner, was in stable condition after surgery.Both Parker and Ward were beloved employees of WDBJ, and both were involved in long-term relationships with other members of the WDBJ team.Parker, 24, was described a “rockstar” by her teammates, with a bright future ahead of her at WDBJ.

The whole situation, as the trade says “turns their lives, and the lives of their families, upside down.”Brody will be the son of Laurie’s character, and we’ll get to watch him squirm as he falls for Meester, only to discover that she’s dating his dad.This story was influenced by the song "Life After You" by Daughtry.Basically, Adam and Kris are deeply in love with each other but neither of them realize it until one day when Allison sets them up on a date.Mc Broom also said Parker was a good friend to her after she lost her father, bringing food to her home and consoling her through her grief.

According to her bio on WDBJ’s website, Parker loved kayaking, community theater, and playing with her parents’ dog.

To kick off the partnership with Bill Frisell, John Medeski, John Scofield and Jack De Johnette among others, will be a wonderful honor for Ardmore and a terrific personal reward for us the fans,” add Chris Perella, Talent Buyer and Co-Owner of Ardmore Music Hall.